Eternal EP

Everybody Needs A Hobby! release their debut EP „Eternal“. The five tracks are available now on all popular music streaming services and as a CD in a casual cardboard slipcase.

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After releasing their double single „Limbo // A Lifeless Portrait“ in the summer of 2020, Everybody Needs A Hobby! follow up two years later. Their first EP „Eternal“ is available now and includes five tracks. As a CD, Eternal comes in a casual and climate-friendly cardboard slipcase without unnecessary plastic additions. For those who prefer to listen to music digitally, „Eternal“ can be found on all major streaming platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music, Apple Music or Deezer.

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For the production of their EP Everybody Needs A Hobby! buried themselves for six days in the Klangfabrik Studios. With producers Matthias Rauscher and Aaron Buchner, the band honed the raw sound of their songs into a powerful and modern heavy rock sound that doesn’t have to hide from big productions of the genre.

Eternal: Five songs for eternity

The massive opener „The Only Promise I Can Keep“ immediately shows where this EP journey is going: Fat guitar riffs, rich bass and massive drums open the EP, only to pull the handbrake shortly after and go into a melodic drift. Carried by Florian Schromm’s catchy bass melodies and Nils Kußin’s perfectly orchestrated guitars, vocalist Josef Erl shows very early on what impressive range he achieves with his charismatic voice – shouts and growls included. Architect of the massive foundation is Andreas Schießl, who controls the dynamics of the five songs with his precise drums and gives them their unique character.


The sound of Eternal is basically a modernized mixture of alternative rock and post-grunge of the turn of the millennium, with a pinch of metal and hardcore here and there. However, classifying it into individual genres simply doesn’t do justice to this diverse short album. If you want to get a feeling for how adeptly Everybody Needs A Hobby! juggle individual genre boundaries and musical traits, you only have to compare the two songs „At Night They Shine Brighter“ and „Blindfolded V2“. 

From the soulful power ballad, which is virtually predestined for the heavy rotation playlists of this world, the sound changes to an indie-pop-hardcore-doom chimera, which was simply not to be expected in this form. 


With „Left Behind“ and „Paradigm Shift“ the band shows one of their great strengths: the play with dynamics. Left Behind begins with sensitive guitar playing and fragile vocals, changes its character increasingly with the onset of bass and slowly rises to a rhythmic storm. With Paradigm Shift the four musicians finally call up their entire talent and venture into progressive rock realms. Here clear vocals meet furious shouts and growls and jazzy bass lines meet powerful guitars. The brute roller coaster ride is underpinned by drumming that always drives, restrains or completely escalates at the right moment.

Everybody Needs A Hobby! Remember this name

What Everybody Needs A Hobby! present here as a debut makes you want more. With the producer duo Rauscher and Buchner the band seems to have found a perfect match. The increase compared to the double single „Limbo // A Lifeless Portrait“, which is only two years older, is enormous and makes you curious to see what else is to come. With „Eternal“ Everybody Needs A Hobby! already delivers five songs for eternity.


Everybody Needs A Hobby’s EP Eternal is available now.

If you want to get a physical version, you can get the EP via the band’s Bandcamp store . Digital versions can be found on all major streaming platforms like:

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